Working from home is great for your personal life, but it can be hard to get work done in a space that feels like a prison cell. To make working at home easier, here are some tips on how to make the space feel less like you’re locked up.

1) Get rid of all distractions: Unless you really need the Internet or TV for your job, turn them off while you work. You’ll find that once they’re off and out of sight, they won’t distract you as much when they pop back into your head.

2) Keep everything close: It’s easy to put things away so far away that it takes too long to go get them when you need them again – not just with supplies but also with your family. Make sure that everything you need during the day is within reach, including snacks and the TV remote if you must have it on for work.

3) Keep personal items out of sight: It’s great to be comfortable at home, but make sure there aren’t any dirty dishes in the sink, laundry piled up, or things like crumbs on your couch when guests come over. Having too much clutter could make someone think there are other people using the office when they visit.

4) Bring light into dark corners: Even though natural light coming through windows is best for working conditions, there are always places that don’t have it – or else are just very dim. Bring lamps into these spots that they’re bright enough to work in.

5) Make sure there’s room for everything: It doesn’t matter what you need to have at hand – if it can’t fit somewhere, it won’t be used. If you don’t want every desk drawer filled to the brim with stuff, make sure you store things like paper clips and pens in a jar or dispenser so they’re always easy to grab when you need them.

6) Keep fresh flowers around: Nothing says “home” more than flowers (unless your family pet pees on them). Put fresh cut flowers in your office space all year long to bring life into any room, but especially your home office.


It’s not easy to work from home, but with some smart design and planning, you can make it more bearable. Use the tips above as a starting point for how to improve your office space so that working at home won’t feel like being locked up all day long anymore.