Choosing a pet for your kid is an important decision. First, ask yourself if you have time to care properly for the animal. A dog or cat will need regular feeding and grooming, while hamsters or guinea pigs can be left alone most of the time.

Consider how much space there is in your home and yard before bringing home a bird or turtle that needs room to roam around outside its cage every day. It’s also worth thinking about whether any family members have allergies to certain pets like cats which could make it difficult to keep one at home.


The easiest pet to take care of is a fish, as it requires almost no feeding. It’s also the least time-consuming animal. However, it won’t be able to interact with you (if that’s what your kid wants), and if your family lives in an area that gets very cold or hot then you might not want to get a tank because there are many different species of tropical fish which might die during extreme temperatures.

Guinea pig

A guinea pig is a great pet for your child because it will interact with you. It needs company from another guinea pig so if you have only one then buy another one as soon as possible! They need brushing every so often, but they are social rodents and go mad for some time outside of their cage to run around on the floor or chew on some grass.


The same as a guinea pig, hamsters need others of their kind to play with and should be let out daily to exercise on the floor, not just in a cage. They do not need washing unlike cats or dogs, but they may bite if they feel threatened or scared by children.


A bird is a great pet if you have time to take care of it properly, but be aware that they need large cages and can sometimes live for up to thirty years! Birds can come in handy as they learn their own names and even speak them. They also love having somewhere to perch and study their surroundings and will be happy when taken outside on walks in the park.


The hardest animal to keep as a pet is a rabbit – they’re extremely sensitive and need consistency throughout their lives. This means heavy cleaning every day around the cage, which should usually be at least two meters cubed with no wire floors because rabbits could get sores on their feet from walking on them all the time.


Cats are not as easy to care for because they need someone there all the time. They also need toys and plenty of places to hide which will keep them active. A dog might seem like a lot more work, but it will be easier to look after than a cat in most cases.


As long as you’re willing to walk your dog every day then it’s suitable for any family member. Dogs need lots of exercise so if you don’t have an enclosed yard then you must take them out regularly on walks around town or in parks.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different pets to choose from and each one will have its own needs, but the hardest animals to keep as a pet are cats and dogs. The easiest is fish – it’s cheap, easy to care for, and almost impossible to mess up. If your child wants an animal that they can easily play with then go for a guinea pig or hamster. If they’re still young and learning responsibility then start with a fish because it only requires feeding every other day in most cases!