App Inventor at MIT

Our Center is driven by a vision that people should be able to experience mobile technology as creators, not just consumers. One focus of our activity here is App Inventor, a Web-based program development tool that even beginners with no prior programming experience can use to create mobile applications.

Work on App Inventor was initiated in Google Research by Hal Abelson and is continuing at the Center under his direction. In the first quarter of 2012, the Center will launch an App Inventor service for general public access, similar to the one Google prototyped from 2009 through 2011. Before that service becomes available, the Center, in collaboration with Google, will distribute free and open source software that experienced programmers can use to deploy their own App Inventor services using Google App Engine. Work on this is underway. Educators and others interested in deploying their own services in early 2012 can track our progress in the MIT's App Inventor site.

MIT Center for Mobile Learning @ The Media Lab

Welcome to the MIT Center for Mobile Learning @ The Media Lab.

We are pleased to welcome this new center at MIT, and are looking forward to the exciting work that lies ahead. The Center is now focused on making taking over the development of Android App Inventor from Google, and providing access to services and source code for this project. This transition will take several months, and we will post updates about this progress on our App Inventor site.

We are also starting to explore other opportunities and directions for the Center for Mobile Learning. Over the coming weeks and months we will be defining the mission of the center, and we'll be sure to update the community on this site.

In case you missed our original Press Release you can read that.

We have had many requests from potential collaborators, and we will certainly welcome those connections. For right now, there isn't much to connect with, so we ask that you check back for when those opportunities arise. In the mean time, feel free to leave your contact information and we will send an update when the center starts to take form.

Thanks for stopping by.

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